CNN - Tanning drug may find new life as Viagra alternative

Food and also Drug

Administration has advised the actual Arizona

researchers in order to continue using caution.

New studies, slated to begin this

summer, will test Melanotan throughout the


Volunteers who've lost

his or her sexual perform after

prostate removal surgery, nevertheless whom have

an intact nerve (necessary for

erection), will probably be because of the drug under

shut observation. These People had been sent residence after

receiving the drug and advised for you to wait

about to determine what may well what happen.

Inside 40 minutes responders

reported a new need to stretch -- any harmless

complication in the drug -- along with soon
after, spontaneous erections. According to

Wessells, "with Viagra the particular man offers to

initiate sexual activity or perhaps Viagra

won't work. "Our goal was to try and

induce the brown with out exposing all of them to

potentially harmful rays regarding sunlight or

suntanning booth."

Since expected,

Melanotan darkened skin

pigment, but researchers soon learned

that is not all it could do.

The university regarding Arizona

researchers remain optimistic about

their perform but these people are quick to point out out that

Melanotan II faces many many years of testing

before it could become available to men

within need.


Patch located to deliver back sex drive after hysterectomy

June 16, 1999

National research shows U.S. That They weren't

engaging in sexual activity. "This

wou ld have been fun. Hunter Wessells alternated doses of

Melanotan II using a placebo inside ten men

diagnosed with erectile

dysfunction. This would have

been enough to get intercourse," he


Libido booster?

Researchers think Melanotan II

works directly on the brain, exactly where it

affects sexual desire as well as

physical performance. Using this it type of comes

upon its own." When further testing

confirms the drug to be safe and

effective, doctors say it may be

ideal for treating both psychological

and also physiological impotence.

Viagra may end up being one of the most

effective new drugs in history, however it

continues to be distinct from the start

which the very first impotence pill

approved inside the Usa isn't for


Melanotan II ended up being being tested as

the safe method to obtain a protectiv e

suntan, explains Dr. approval of

Viagra, the actual first-ever pill for

impotence, provides sparked fantastic curiosity in

creating more remedies with regard to sexual

dysfunction. Viagra, by

comparison, appears to have no direct

impact in libido. That ended up being a

huge effect." Neither Jim nor

the other individuals for the main reason that trial

were confronted with just about any sexually illicit

material. new girlfriend ... maybe it's obtaining nervous, and

this or that. "'Cause I figured ... and about the placebo,

none of these got any kind of erectile activity --


"Jim," 42, became impotent

a year along with a half ago. EDT (1837 GMT)

By Senior medical Correspondent Dan Rutz

(CNN) -- last year's U.S. Although

these folks were instructed to not have got sex,

"Jim" says it could took place

beneath the right circums tances. I

knew something had been going on.


Read what doctors say about Viagra along with impotence or perhaps ask your personal personal questions.

June 17, 1999

Web posted at: 2:37 p.m.

And, Wessells adds, it

happened with out just about any effort in their

part. But

Melanotan did.

"The Melanotan, the

initial time, was absolutely amazing. That They were

just sitting around. Almost All of which were

impressed through the results.

"It so

happens any particular one really astute observer

who took this drug reported to us that

he had been developing spontaneous

erections," Levine recalls, as well as with

that, your dermatologists brought about the

urologists and charted a fresh program for

developing Melanotan II.

Melanotan for the test

Dr. Norman Levine, a

dermatology researcher. Therefore I went and checked using a


Injectable medication assisted him,

yet he didn't just like giving

himself shots. "These men weren't looking at

erotic video tapes. men prevent the doctor

June 14, 1999

Chat transcript: 1 year right after Viagra

May 11, 1999

Viagra anniversary sees herbal competitors from the dozens

March 26, 1999

Doctors warned to check heart just before prescribing Viagra

December 31, 1998


University associated with Arizona

Food as well as Drug Administration

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. Regarding now,

Me lanotan should be injected beneath the

skin, however it is probable, doctors say,

that will an advertisement variation would be

formulated being an eyedrop or perhaps nasal

spray. Nine out of

ten developed erections when offered the

real drug. He ended up being relieved when

Viagra hit your market, and disappointed

if this didn't function regarding him. one promising lead comes

in the University Or College involving Arizona, where

researchers had been hard at the particular office upon a

drug to always be able to avoid skin cancer. Based around the trigger of

their sexual problems, the actual small blue

pill doesn't produce erections regarding

one fourth in order to 1 / two of the particular men who attempt it.

As Well As men on particular heart

medications happen to be warned not really to

just take Viagra credited for the chance of

harmful drug intera ctions that may even prove fatal.

Melanotan doesn't appear to

affect blood pressure level adversely, as

Viagra can, therefore its promoters say it

needs to be safe pertaining to just concerning anyone.

However the actual U.S. It took him

several months to end up being able to admit the particular problem,

even to himself. Nevertheless it by simply no means got any

better, plus it was, like, absolutely

nothing. Furthermore to

measuring sexual response, doctors will

conduct blood assessments along with other

measurements to be able to assure the drug is as

safe because they believe it is


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